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Increased competition caused by globalization, financialisation and technological changes, prompting businesses and organizations both private and public, to seek a continuous improvement of productivity and other economic performance. It follows strong pressure to change the organization and working conditions, while the regions and territories are experiencing greater difficulties in employment and economic development. This raises several major questions on topics such as :

  • the characteristics of contemporary work and new problems of work regarding health issues;
  •  forms of work organization to introduce a function of researched socio-economic performance;
  •  reconciliating the need for flexibility for companies and safety of workers;
  •  social innovations to be implemented to ensure the survival and development of local communities grappling with the restructuring and the economic slowdown;
  •  territorial anchoring mode of businesses and their consequences on employment and economic development of regions;
  •  the factors that allow economies to grow in a world of constant change.

The international symposium will bring together hundreds of business representatives, unions and governments, as well as researchers and consultants from Quebec, English Canada, USA and Europe. By using case studies and research from both sides of the Atlantic, practitioners and experts will share their knowledge and experiences on innovations and social transformations of the business, labour and intervention practices.

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